Environmental Consulting Services concerning operational and administrative procedures in Recovering of Contaminated Sites.

In compliance with Legislative Decree no. 152/06 (Consolidated Act on Environment) and the latter Legislative Decree no. 04/08 (Corrective), the Company developed the application of Hazard Analysis and Environmental Health Models, essential to be in compliance with the administrative procedures related to decontamination/reclamation actions and for the next design phase.

The company performs the following activities as provided by the current legislation in the field of Soil Reclamation:

  • preliminary investigation
  • characterization plan
  • Risk Analysis
  • Projects and remediations
  • monitoring plans
  • reclamation site


Healthcare is now a sector characterized by continuous upgrade and development of new technologies. More and more hospitals join the energy saving way and many of them reach the goal.

The uses of energy in the hospital can be divided into two broad groupings:

consumption of hotel type for the patient’s welfare and staff;

consumption related to the treatment and diagnosis equipment.

The first one concerns the interior and exterior lighting, elevators, winter and summer conditioning, ventilation of the environments and the preparation of domestic hot water, while the laundry room and the kitchen can be internal consumption even if the management is outsourced. The second group includes the consumption of diagnostic equipment, air treatment of operating rooms and sterilization, if not outsourced.

These energies uses take place in a complex environment in which they interact and the needs are of clinical, environmental and economic type.

These conditions help to set up a very significant expense in absolute terms, encumbing on the budget of the healthcare facilities significantly.

Improving energy efficiency is therefore a primary need  and two equally important actions are possible:

1- the promotion of renewable sources;

2- dissemination of good practices and sensitivities about energy conservation in relation to users and operators that are involved.

The goal is the improvement of energy supply and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through a series of measures to promote energy efficiency in end-use, eliminating the current regulatory and legislative barriers and encouraging the development of a market for energy services.


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