Health protection of patients against the dangers of ionizing radiation in clinical applications (Legislative Decree 26/05/2000 n. 187).

FISMECO treat any issue concerning the use of ionizing radiation in medicine. In particular, the Company carries out, on behalf of both Customer’s Employer and “Appointed Competent Physician” all activities pertaining to the Medical Physicists. Moreover, among the main activities we can mention:

  1. Collaboration with the local “Appointed Physicians” for the optimization of the dose to patients in the diagnostic field, nuclear and radiotherapeutic;
  2. Evaluation of diagnostic reference levels (LDR);
  3. Dosimetric ratings on special practices for medical exposures related to:
  • – children;
  • – screening programs;
  • – procedures involving high dose levels to the patient (interventional radiology, CT and radiotherapy).
  1. dosimetric assessment for pregnant women in case of accidental exposure;
  2. Implementation of Quality Assurance programs in the various procedures to be applied in those medical fields involving the use of ionizing radiation.

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